Roistat — Cross-cutting business analytics system


Roistat — Cross-cutting business analytics system

Roistat collects data from Bitrix24 CRM, advertising platforms and your website. With this data Roistat organises reports on key business indexes, with 22 business-indexes for transparent analysis of your business!

Roistat helps to estimate profitability or unprofitableness of an advertising channel by a keyword & organise reports in monetary indexes.

The system can track profitability of a channel by a keyword and provide a split testing based on net profit.

Get individual reports in 5 seconds: managers report, landing pages report, cities and any requested field report from your CRM.


バージョン 5
Added support for fields with the iblock_element type

バージョン 4
Added support for product analytics. Products data will be loaded into Roistat analytics and can be used to analyze the effectiveness of sales of individual products and product groups (brands, categories).  For example, which products are in the highest demand and bring in the highest profit, or determine the advertising channels from which they are best sold.

To start working with product analytics in Roistat, go to Analytics -> Product analytics in your Roistat project, and click the "enable product analytics" button.

バージョン 3
The new version fixes an error in authorization.

バージョン 2

In the new version of the app we have added integration with Bitrix24 tasks. Tasks can be created within pre-configured scenarios used in marketing automation.

If you need to automatically create "leads" by customers requests, use the following instruction:

If you need to automatically create "deals"+"contacts" by customers requests, use following instruction:

バージョン 1
Integration with Roistat

Complete standard installation procedure at Bitrix24 Marketplace to integrate Roistat app with Bitrix24
Configuration guide